Tonhe products from the PICC of its coverage

Date:2020-03-23        Clicks:1364

Taizhou Tonhe Flow Control Co.,Ltd is a technological innovation enterprise devoted into developing,manufacturing, selling and technical service on motorized ball valve, electric actuator,wireless water-leak detect and alarm control system, and intelligent fluid control.

In March 13th,2020, Tonhe starts to cooperate with People’s Insurance Company of China(PICC) and all of its products are insured under Product Liability Insurance by PICC. The maximum insurance claim amount is one million RMB at the most.

During the strengthen of consumers’ safeguarding awareness, the related laws and regulations are becoming perfect. The most concerned is the quality and after service of product safety related. Product Liability Insurance is one of an insurance designed for producers and wholesalers, an insurance is also a quality commitment to protect consumers’ rights and interests. Tonhe shows great meticulous in products developing and producing, and makes sure every products are in the best quality and using effects.

Cooperation with PICC this time, the biggest extent is to let consumers buy assured and at the meanwhile to put forward a higher request of safely producing.