What is stainless steel three-piece ball valve?

Date:2023-07-06        Clicks:357

Three-piece ball valve belongs to the internal screw ball valve, its closing part is a ball, the ball does rotation around the center line to achieve the opening and closing of a valve, three-piece ball valve is composed of a valve body, two valve covers, balls, valve stem, packing gland, handle, lock nut and other important parts.


Advantages of three-piece ball valve:

1. Low fluid resistance; Full path large flow design, large flow, small resistance.

2. Tight and reliable; All stainless steel materials precision machining, sealed by PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene, has a good sealing effect, and corrosion resistance characteristics.

3. Suitable for temperature: soft seal -40-200 degrees, hard seal -40-400 degrees.

4. Easy operation and maintenance, quick opening and closing; Rotate the switch at 90 degrees, with the effect of fast switching off.

5. Wide range of use; The three-piece valve body structure is pressure-resistant, small size, light weight, and can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure.


Three-piece ball valve installation and maintenance

1. Leave the position for the valve handle to rotate.

2. Can not be used as throttling.

3 Ball valves with transmission mechanisms should be installed upright.

Three-piece ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valve category, it has its own structure has some unique advantages, such as no friction switch, seal is not easy to wear, small opening and closing torque. This reduces the size of the configured actuator. Equipped with electric actuator, it can realize the adjustment and tight cutting of the medium. It is widely used in petrochemical city water supply and drainage and other conditions requiring strict cut-off.