The structure of ball valve

Date:2023-05-25        Clicks:152

The structure of ball valve

We have introduced the basic knowledge of valves, we talk about the structure of the ball valve today. Ball valve is a kind of valve developed on the basis of the plug valve, it has some advantages of the plug valve. Ball valve is mainly composed of valve body, ball, valve seat, stem and transmission device.

1. Valve Body

According to the valve body channel form, ball valves can be divided into two-way ball valves, three-way ball valves and four-way ball valves. Valve body structure has integral, two-piece, three-piece and fractional, integral generally used in small diameter ball valve, two and three piece valve body applied to medium and large diameter ball valve.


Ball surface roughness precision requirements are higher, two-way ball valve, the channel on the ball is straight, three-way ball valve ball has L shape, T shape and Y shape, this form of distribution and the plug valve is the same. 

According to the ball in the valve body fixed way can be divided into floating ball valve and fixed ball valve.

3. Valve stem

The lower end is connected with the sphere to drive the sphere to rotate. Ball opening and closing action according to the pressure, the size of the diameter of the choice of wrench.