Overview of electric ball valve

Date:2023-05-04        Clicks:409

Overview of electric ball valve: Electric ball valve is mainly opened and closed parts (ball) driven by the stem, and around the axis of the stem for rotation of the valve. Used in pipelines to cut off or control the flow rate and the opening, closing and flow direction of intermediate pipes. At present, the electric ball valve is mainly divided into stainless steel electric ball valve, flange electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve and so on.

The working principle of electric ball valve: electric ball valve has a rotation of 90 degrees of action, the cock body is a ball, with a circular through hole or channel through its axis. Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of the flow of the medium, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and very small torque can be closed tightly. Ball valve is most suitable for switch, cut off medium, while the ball valve is designed to throttle and control flow, such as V-shaped ball valve.

Structural characteristics of electric ball valve:

1. electric ball valve according to the tightness is also divided into hard sealing and a soft sealing electric ball valve.

2. electric ball valve in all open or all closed when different locks are set to lock the valve, so as to effectively prevent non-professional personnel on the electric ball valve misoperation.

3. switch fast, open and close flexible, long life, safe and reliable.

4. Set a fire-resistant sealing ring between the ball and the seat. After the seat is burned, it still has the sealing effect. A step is set at the lower part of the valve stem so that the valve internal pressure does not rise abnormally out of the valve stem.

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