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Actual operation method of safety motorized valve

Safety valve opening pressure adjustment

①Before leaving the factory, the valve should be adjusted gradually to the set value of its opening pressure to the user's requirements.If the user puts forward spring working pressure level, according to the general pressure level should be adjusted to the lower limit of the factory.

②Before or after installation of the safety motorized valve, the user shall install the safety valve on the protected device, must be re adjusted at the installation site to ensure that the safety valve setting pressure value is in line with the requirements.

③In the plate spring working pressure range,Change the compression of the spring by rotating the adjusting screw,can adjust the opening pressure. ④Before rotating the screw, valve inlet pressure should be reduced to less than 90% of the opening pressure, to prevent the rotation of the adjusting screw when the disc is driven to rotate, so that damage to the sealing surface. ⑤To ensure the accuracy of the pressure value, should make the adjustment of the medium conditions,Such as medium type, temperature and so on as close to the actual operating conditions. Media types to change, especially when the state media did not accumulate at the same time (For example from liquid phase to gas phase),Open pressure often changes.
When the working temperature is high, the opening pressure is generally lower.So room use temperature high temperature, the setting pressure value at room temperature should be slightly higher than the required value of the opening pressure.How high its related to valve structure and material, should be based on the manufacturer's instructions.

⑥Conventional safety valve for fixed additional back pressure of the occasion,When adjusting the opening pressure after the test(At this time the back pressure is atmospheric pressure),the setting value should be required to open the pressure value minus the additional back pressure value.

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