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Fixed and floating seal test for electric ball valve

Electric fixed ball valve is mainly used in high pressure and large diameter ball valve.Is the use of fixed ball valve body and the introduction of the introduction of JOX electric actuator electric actuator assembly. According to the installation of the valve seat ring, fixed ball ball before the sealed valve seat and sphere seat two structures。Many years experience in manufacturing ball valve design seat to ensure that the valve seal, low friction coefficient, torque is small, a variety of seat materials, adapt to the wide range. Suitable for long distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines, Its strength, safety, poor environmental resistance and so on in the design of a special consideration, applicable to all kinds of corrosive and non corrosive media.

Electric ball valve body with a high platform structure, ISO5211 connection standard, can make the installation of electric / pneumatic actuator more specialized. At the same time, the sealing surface is a two-way metal movable sealing structure, with automatic compensation and self - cleaning function, excellent sealing performance, wear resistance and high temperature performance is better. The valve is used in O type structure of the full size or reducing design, flow resistance is small. And increase the preload spring, so that the ball valve with automatic pressure relief function.

Floating ball valve of the nominal range has the advantages of small volume, light weight, less consumption of materials, installation of small size and drive torque is small, simple operation, easy realization of quick opening and closing. Ball with the stem can be free to rotate in the valve seat sealing ring. When opening, ball hole is aligned with the pipe diameter to ensure the minimum resistance of the pipeline working medium.When turning of the stem 1 / 4, ball hole vertical to the channel of the valve, and circle the pretightening force and the medium pressure to the valve seat sealing the ball firmly pressed on the export side of the seat sealing ring, so as to ensure valve is completely sealed.