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Six steps in the selection of electric ball valve

Step 1: determine the working pressure of the ball valve
When the valve is closed, you must be sure that it is in the range of pressure.

Step 2: determine the temperature range of the ball valve
Valves are generally used to handle hot fluid or cold fluid.It is very important to determine how low or high temperature is the medium of the valve. There are different materials, such as ceramic, stainless steel, and PVC are used in the manufacture of valves.Each of them is applied to a certain temperature range.

Step 3:Determine what kind of fluid through the valve
Specific applications and fluid control systems are designed to handle different types of fluids.Some valves are used to deal with dams and reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants.There is also used for the normal flow of chemicals.There are a number of special design, used for radioactive material, to ensure that the valve will not leak radiation.

It is also important to make sure whether the fluid is corrosive.These are helpful for choosing the body material. This step is also used to ensure the safety of the valve staff.

Step 4: determine the volume of the fluid
Different flow valve is designed for different purposes, is too thin or too thick are not suitable, so correct size of the valve is very important to choose the size of the valve.

Step 5: the price of the valve
After considering four factors - working pressure, temperature, fluid type and fluid volume,also should consider the price of the valve.The price of the valve according to its size, material, which can be found in many sites.

Step 6: installation cost
After the purchase of the valve, the installation is also required to cost, this is related to labor wages, as well as the installation of valves and related components.The installation costs also depend on whether the employees are involved (in your company) or outside (valve suppliers).
Through these six steps of the simple guide, you can choose the right ball valve application in the production, it will be limited to the cost of reasonable budget.

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