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Tonhe recommend sensor valve for water leak control system in 2014

Tonhe company recommend the motorized valve for water leak control system with wireless sensor .The system uses a control panel that plugs into a standard outlet in your home. By using a transformer to supply power to control the valve or valves, or AA battery in the control box . It is triggered by a water sensor placed on the floor to detect water leaks near appliances that use water. It may be your refrigerator, ice macine, washing machine, toilet, or dishwasher that all use water. If you want to know your home is protected from unwanted water leaks and damage, this is the system for you! A small investment now can save you a lot water. Are you ready for an automatic sensor valve ? For more detail technical informaiton , pls visit www.china-tonhe.com or contac Nadine on email : tonhe03@china-tonhe.com .